My Food Storage Spreadsheet

Recently started to re-inventory the pantry and decided to make a sheet to keep better track.  Without it I find it easy to lose track of how much we have gone through.Should be a good starting point if you don’t have one already.  I have included calorie info for the items I stock and a sudo “survival days worth” calculator based on number of adults and youths in party.

FT-817 Pack-It Reference Book

Prepared by Hugh McCully, VE3AYR


There is no doubt about it, the FT-817(ND) is a feature-filled rig. But, can you remember how to do it all? And, what information will you have with you to help explore those features? Wherever you are, you can have at your fingertips all the information you need to use the many FT-817(ND) features.

The Second Edition contains 162 pages eighteen more pages than before; four more pages of Index for a total of thirteen index pages; eleven additional topics, and expansion of some existing topics, e.g., Control Software. The sequencing of topics within the book has been adjusted to bring related topics closer together. The First Edition was great and the Second Edition is even better!