What follows is the kit I have been refining for the past year for my “Go Bag” comms package.

I recently moved to a new job that is an hour commute 45 miles away, so having emergency comms got a lot more real for me, considering it will be at least a two day trek home over several mountains to get home.

The only time I see taking that journey would be during an EMP attack or MCE.  Both of which could likely make communicating very difficult via normal means and likely kill most vehicles.  Driving a Prius (there I said it!) would be especially vulnerable I’m guessing.  For the record, my other rig is a 2001 F250 Crewcab Longbed 7.3L Diesel, OK, I feel better now. 🙂

My primary plan is to use the Oregon state wide 2M repeater system, but not knowing how bullet proof such system is and never wanting to rely on someone else’s hardware, the FT-817 in NVIS config on 40M will likely be my best chance to comm with the wife.

Currently she will only be able to receive with a SSB shortwave, but eventually I will have another FT-817 setup as a base unit, likely with a 50W amp added.

The reason for so many power options in this kit is because I am going to be dependent on my Android phone for GPS and offline map use for the trek home. I’m using two programs currently for such.

  1. MAPS.me is one nobody should be without.  It’s not topo, but you can download your whole state quickly and without taking up much room.  It also works very fast.
  2. US Topo Maps Pro has replaced my previous choice (BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS) as it stopped funcrioning correctly the other day. US Topo is much easier to download a whole state with and has the same functions.



3 thoughts on “HF “Go Bag” Kit

  1. EMP attack or MCE or dead car battery. I have a Tahoe Hybrid and generally really like it. One day I was moving the son’s stuff home and the Tahoe was filled with only enough room for me. When I went to leave, the Tahoe was dead. Not a click! Tried jumping it with the jump pack and then the tow truck. Nothing. SILENCE. Fearing the worse, off via the tow truck to the dealer it went.

    Long story no longer short… the battery died in such a way that the jumps could not bring the voltages up enough to engage the computer systems. Unlike days of old, this vehicle and probably many more require a minimum voltage to power up the computers. And no computer means no start since computers control the relays that engage the starter (traction motors in the case of this hybrid). Maybe an isolated backup 12Vdc battery makes sense for the vehicle.

    So that 7.3L may not be drivable after an EMP attack or MCE … or dead battery.


    1. Good points Nick, EMP / MCE I expect nothing electronic to work in worst case.

      I may have batteries but will the chargers survive?

      Welcome to the 19th century and oil lamps. We all have oil lamps and a supply of oil right?

      Wood heat for home…?


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