Since getting WSPR working, the first thing I needed to know was how would setting up my antenna in NVIS or Sloper, change the effectiveness of my signal?

Would I loose close in contacts to more DX if I didn’t stay with a “traditional” NVIS setup?  Enter WSPR and two days of testing.

I setup the CHA Hybrid-Mini with long wire in NVIS format at 8-10ft off the ground.  Started sending every 10 minutes at 2.5W out for 24hrs.  Unfortunately, I did not get to save the WSPR results for that test, but the image below of a similar test using a dipole is almost identical.


I was pleased with the NVIS results, but the set of images below tell the tale of the tape pretty clearly.  Namely that there was no loss in NVIS performance while in sloper config.



In sloper I was able to not only hit the same stations <300 miles away, but get some serious distance.

Of course none of these fancy images are going to tell me if I can reach home in SHTF inside of 50 miles using an LNR Trail Friendly 40/20/10 a few feet off the ground with the same FT-817 now will they?

That’s what testing the gear is all about though right?  Taking it from theory to reality will have to wait though until I get that base station (Yeasu Ft-450D) in early Spring.

I will say this, I’ve been able to hit nets from 70 miles to several hundred with the CHA Hybrid-Mini in sloper and consider it my first choice in setting up these days.  Any tree will do and it’s usually easier than trying to find two NVIS anchors in my area.  YMMV.

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