You will never know unless you get out there and find out!

I continue to be amazed at how little it seems to matter when it comes to NVIS antenna placement.  I’ve been making a habit of purposely setting up with compromised antennas to see if I can still get my message through and so far have not had any issues with 5W and a wire.

I was able to check in on the OEN (Canyonville, OR) from Winchester Bay, OR (102 miles) yesterday with a clear signal and did not notice that my antenna had drooped severely until after net.

Next outing, I plan on just laying it on the ground.  If you haven’t been experimenting with less than optimal installs, give it a try!

Why?  Because you will never know what it takes unless you try.

2 thoughts on “What does it take?

  1. Jim …. that is a good learning about antennas =) Yes I have done that many times ( on purpose and by accident ) placed an antenna on the ground =) Depending on season and power level …. always be prepared with a ABC fire extinguisher ready =) At QRP levels ;-))) YES the antenna works on the ground ….. I did this a few weeks ago and a fellow Ham said ….” ah that antenna will never work on the ground at 10 watts .” =) A few minutes later with two contacts he was amazed ;-))) It is not very efficient … but it works and is stealthy ….. if you watch out for critters walking on your antenna and getting RF tingle /-)


    1. Seems obvious to me now a year into HF, but starting out I thought you had to have that exact 9-12ft NVIS with ends tied off with insulators for QRP. Not so. 🙂


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