• Condor outer belt w/ Tactical Tailor inner web belt
  • Leatherman
  • CAT-T
  • Safariland 6004 holster w/ Glock 17 and TLR-1 WML
  • Tactical Tailor dump pouch
  • (1) AR Mag in Condor mag pouch
  • (2) G17 Mags in Condor mag pouch

Even in normal times we should all be packing an EDC (Every Day Carry) that is up to the task of handling surprises.  That includes a gun, extra ammo, flashlight, medical, phone, knife at it’s core.

My own EDC right now consists of a Glock 17, spare mag, Surefire 6P, CAT-T, phone, and Benchmade Presidio knife.

I have two lines of thought when it comes to SHTF EDC which are directly opposed to each other.  One is the low profile, out of sight thought, the other is the higher profile “battle belt” listed here.

Depending on how societal collapse happens, slowly or quickly, would be a key factor in what my post SHTF EDC would consist of.  You don’t want to be the guy out working his field in a battle belt when people are still going to work everyday.

On the other hand, if the grid has been down for several weeks then the need for protection is at a higher premium.

Unfortunately when it does hit, much time will be spent working on gardens, chopping wood (by hand) and other labor intensive activities that would really suck in full patrol gear, enter the “battle belt”.

The belt is setup to feed my Glock 17 as the primary and keep an extra mag available for a nearby AR15.  The key is to keep it light enough and comfortable enough to do work in and have enough firepower to get you to a defensive position.

It’s very light and comfortable.  I had previously spent a lot of money for an complete HSGI setup but sold it when I decided on a chest harness over a loaded “battle belt”.

Not having a belt left the EDC scenario lacking though so I went with surplus and Condor on the second go around and am happy with the results.

Two schools of thought on being high-profile wearing a rig like this around your property.

  • It’s like “open carry” of a pistol today, you make it easy for others bent on doing you harm to see you are a potential threat/problem and act first.
  • You make it easy for them to see you are not going to be as easy a target if you had nothing on you and might move on to an easier target.

Which works best for you and your environment will be your call alone.

For me, as long as there is some semblance of societal order I will be staying low profile, but after several weeks of no power, the thin veneer of society will be gone and you better prepare for a feudal environment.

Sound crazy to you?  You haven’t read your history then.

All Empires collapse around 250 years in, we are due.  You might want to check out FORGING THE HERO -by John Mosby for a glimpse of what’s to come.

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