I think one of the hardest parts of prepping (especially when starting out) is setting one’s priorities straight and then taking action or Getting Things Done!

Most people that recognize the need to prepare for the coming “bad times” either don’t feel the urgency of the situation or feel too helpless to do something about it.  The result is they do nothing to prepare.

It’s just too much for most Americans to even fathom the U.S.A. without 24/7 unlimited electrical power and food waiting on the shelves of the local grocer at all hours of the day.

Yet even our own .gov has made repeated warnings to prepare for exactly that.  From governmental studies on the frailty of the  electrical “Grid” to establishing the Ready.govwebsite,  it’s not that we haven’t been warned, we just are not buying it as a nation.

My wakeup call was the 2008 real estate crash.  I was just about to sell my house that I bought in 1997 for $89K for the 2007 asking price of $240K when the bottom fell out and I learned the hard way about inflated markets.  Overnight my house was back at 1997 prices and continued to go down until I lost it in bankruptcy.

Best thing that ever happened to me in retrospect.  It “made it real” to me that SHTF can happen anytime and does not take an EMP over L.A. to do so.

Net result was I started preparing by stacking food away in 2010 (I know about procrastination) and learning how to become more self-reliant without the power grid.

In 2016 I seperated from my employer of 19 years in the city of Medford to relocated to a better paying job and town of < 1000 people where my wife and I bought a 9 acre homestead.  I have been working to get it off-grid ready for the past year.

I will be sharing those upgrades here in future posts, but for now I want you to DO something that will help yourself immensely on the road to freedom.  I want you to start saving food.

Put some long term food away ASAP.  I mean like NEXT payday!

It’s dirt cheap right now and nothing will give you a feeling of temporary relief like having 50lbs of beans and 50lbs of rice put up for hard times no matter what the cause.

We are talking <$25.00 for a 50lb bag of beans and <$19.00 for a 50lb bag of white rice at the local Cash & Carry so for <$35.00 you can have protein to get you by for several months.  If you don’t have it yet, do it NEXT payday, just do it!

Now, I’m not trying to say that a bag of rice and beans is all you need, but it’s a start and trust me when I say it will be a huge moral booster knowing you have “something” and with that and what’s in your cupboards you can make do for a little bit of time at least.

I plan to expand on food in future posts, but the big takeaway for now, is GET SOME!

After you get some food put away, start making lists.  Lists of what you need to live without grid power in a safe environment when all hell breaks loose.

To be self-sufficient you need:

  • Clean water
  • Storage food, then gardens
  • Protection (guns and skills to use them)
  • Sustainable method of heating (wood stoves)
  • Place to handle human waste (septic, latrines)
  • Security (others to help secure your property, livestock, items)
  • Communications (radios)
  • Solar power
  • etc, etc…

Start listing out how you would cover the above and anything else you need to carry on with a semi-normal life WITHOUT grid power.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the volume, pick the low lying fruit and check it off.  Water storage, easy.  Buy a gun, easy.  Read on how to build a latrine, easy.

If you are in a city, move out or find a second location to go to when the time comes that it gets to be unlivable in the area you are now.

Get started, get started, get started!

I hope you will find the future post here useful and encourage you to comment on them.

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