At least not in one place.

When my new guard dog pup (ain’t he cute) decided to chew up my favorite sling, a $40.00 Viking Tactics Bungee that I kept on my SBR, I was forced to take another look at slings.

First of all… Wow!  There are some ridiculous prices out there for slings.

Having run the VTAC bungee for a few years, I was very pleased with the way it allowed me to cinch the gun up tight in front of me and still allow a snap shot without having to loosen it.  The only downfall to this sling is it’s lack of comfort when working slick.  If you have several layers of clothes on or a plate carrier, it is a great sling but uncomfortable when patrolling with just a light cover shirt or fleece.

Before switching to the VTAC Bungee, I had settled on the Viking Tactics Padded Sling a long time back when they first came out because they did the job and were inexpensive by comparison.  They do have that annoying “tail” though that does tend to get hung up on gear.

The likely alternate to “the tail” was the Blue Force Vicker’s Sling, but  it’s major downfall in my book is weight and a proprietary plastic slider (which I’ve read slips as the material wears) or more weight and cost for an aluminum slider.  I want my slings to be field repairable.

The newer Haley D3 had great potential with it’s thin but wide enough strap and metal hardware, but the 2:1 option on the default sling did not appeal to me.  I tried this setup years ago when Impact Weapons first brought out their 2:1 slider and found that I never switched it over because 1pt slings just plain suck and I don’t need a dedicated sling setup for clearing buildings.

I do have a Frank Proctor Sling that came with my Troy rifle that I really like for its simplicity and function, but packing the gun around with a light shirt on soon caused pain from the skinning un-padded strap.

While reading about the Haley D3 on a forum, I saw comment that it looked like a Frank Proctor sling with a pad and I knew then and there that is exactly what I needed to do…  Combine the KISS of the Proctor sling with the light padding of the Haley sling.


Above it the current config using a slider of a Frank Proctor sling.  Below is an option I’ve used with great success and costs nothing.


One of the things I did to my old VTAC Bungee Sling was sew in a loop using a box-stitch  the end to allow me to thread 550 cord through and tie back on itself with a blood knot.

This makes for a quite and strong connection point that stays out of the way of your forward hand on the gun’s forearm.  Nothing worse than sling hardware cutting into your hand!

I would trust this method more that the plastic adapter Frank uses on his sling, but I’ve not heard any issues with them breaking, so for now I’m using them as a test.

If you are interested in the like hardware that Frank uses, you can find it here…

And if you are looking for a nice cheap alternative, I found this one on Amazon that has potential.

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