# 10 Can: Can of food approximately 7″ x 6-1-4″

A.O.: Area of Operations, surrounding area you are living in.

ALICE: All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

BoB, BOB, or B-o-B: Bug-out Bag: Synonymous with G.O.O.D. Kit. See also: BIB, GOOD and INCH

BOL, B.O.L., or B.o.L.: Bug-out Location. Synonymous with retreat

BoV or BOV: Bug-out Vehicle. Synonymous with G.O.O.D. Vehicle. See also: POV

BORV: Bug-out Recreational Vehicle.

Bubba Scanner:  Bubba scanner refers to an HT or mobile VHF/UHF radio that can scan all the FRS/GMRS channels quickly enough to let you know if anyone in your AO is using them to communicate to each other.  It’s a valuable tool to knowing that you have possible hostiles “in the wire” and to further investigate.

Bug-Out: To bug out means to get the heck out of dodge. Bail out out of a potentially dangerous situation to a safer one.

Bug-Out Bag: A bug out bag will contain essential survival gear to enable you to get to your bug out location.

Bug-Out Location: Where you plan on riding out the catastrophic event that has caused the SHTF.

Carrington Event: A naturally occurring EMP-like effect, caused by a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of the Sun. (See also: CME and EMP.)

CME: Coronal Mass Ejection. (Solar flares.) See also: Carrington Event and EMP.

Dutch Oven: Very versatile item of cast iron cookware that is most often used in off grid cooking.

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse.

Faraday Cage: A shielding enclosure for electronics.

Force Multiplier: A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.

Gamma Lid: An air tight lid for bucket style food grade containers.

GMO: Genetically Modified Organism. Usually relates to seeds.

Ham: (A slang term for an amateur radio operator. It is not an acronym and therefore should not have all the letters capitalized (HAM” , as is often seen in print.).

Heirloom Seeds: Non-GMO seeds that can be planted and replanted after every harvest.

HEMP: High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse. See also: EMP.

HT: Handi-Talki, aka. Walki-Talkie, usually a dual band VHF/UHF transceiver for LOS comms.

INCH: I’m Never Coming Home (kit). An “INCH” kit is the gear that you would take in the event of a worst case, wherein you would only have one trip “Out of Dodge.”

KISS or K.I.S.S. : “Keep it Simple, Stupid!”

LOS: Line of Sight. Many communications technologies require an unobstructed path between transmitter and receiver, as in microwave radio, satellite communications, and laser/infrared optical communications links.

MAG: Mutual Assistance Group, a body of people agreed to support each other in SHTF from outsiders.

MOLLE: Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat (U.S. Army field rations)

Mylar Bags: Food grade bags made out of space age aluminum material which is used for long term food storage in conjunction with oxygen absorbers.

Non-GMO Seeds: Seeds that may be planted and re-planted after each harvest. Often referred to as heirloom seeds.

Oxygen Absorbers: Also known as desiccant packs. Used to pull oxygen out of a sealed container for long term food storage.

OPFOR: Opposing Force

OPSEC: Operational Security

Paracord: Word comes from parachute cord, which is a woven braided sheath made of durable, lightweight nylon rope. usually rated in pounds.

Prep, Prepping: Slang for prepare.

Prepper: Slang for prepared individual. (A Survivalist.)

Preps: Slang for preparations.

Retreat: A place of refuge that is prepared in advance. Usually in lightly-populated rural regions. Also sometimes called a Bug=Out Location. (See also: BOL.)

Sheeple: People herded like sheep oblivious of what is happening around them.

Shelf Life: The useful life of of product in home storage. In the context of foods: The period of time that a processed food can be stored before changes in color, flavor, texture or the number of micro-organisms make it unacceptable. In the contexts of nonreversible consumer batteries: The period of time that a battery can be stored and still have at least 85% of its original charge.

Simplex: Communication channels that operates in one direction at a time, but that may be reversible.  Usually referrers to HT – 2 – HT direct line of sight transmissions that are not repeated via a third radio.

SHTF: S*** Hits the Fan.

SOL: S*** Out of Luck, or, Simply Out of Luck

Solar Flares: Similar to CME, coronal mass ejection. An ejection of sun particles in the form of radiation.

Solar oven: Or, solar cooker. Made of aluminum reflectors to harness the energy of the sun to cook food.

SOP or S.O.P.: Standard Operating Procedure(s)

Survival Seeds: Also referred to heirloom seeds or non-GMO seeds.

TAC-Comms: Tactical Communications.  LOS comms used to directly communicate with your team.

TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as we Know It (Spoken “Tee-ought-walk-ee”).

TSHTF: The S*** Hits the Fan.

WROL: Without Rule Of Law. (A lawless situation.)

WTSHTF: When the S*** Hits the Fan. also synonymously use the terms TEOTWAWKI, The Crunch, worst case, and the old military saying “when the balloon goes up

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