So you lost or left your 3-Day Pack behind with your poncho liner and E-Bivy Sack that usually provides a warm nights sleep.  What you have on you is all you get to stay warm and make it home which illustrates why layering is so important.

Putting all your eggs in one basket or backpack is not a good idea.  You should have multiple ways of doing the same things like navigating and staying warm at night.

This Mini Survival Kit is the gear I want to have with me at all times for just such an occasion.  It is a part of my first line gear (the War Belt) and can be put into a cargo pocket should even that setup need to be doffed.


  1. TLR-1 & (4) Spare batteries
  2. Leatherman Supertool
  3. Lighter & Candle
  4. Strike Force & Petro-Cotton
  5. (2) Perimeter alarms w/10 primers
  6. (1) ltr Platypus Soft Bottle & Aqua Tabs
  7. TruNord Compass
  8. (100) ft Hi-viz Micro Cord for trail marking & GP lashing

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