I’m fortunate in that I have always worked and lived in an area that “tactical” gear worn daily does not draw attention.   No Docker’s for this guy!

I’ve worn a “tactical” gun belt for the last 10 years starting with the Wilderness 1.5″ Instructors belt, then switched over to the Atlas 1.75″ belt which has served me well for the past 6 years.

The Altas has a design flaw though, it uses velcro for securing and the 1″ webbing that is used to lock the belt wore out in 5 years.

The past year, I have been having to tuck the tail of the locking device to prevent the belt from loosening up, and even then it moves after a day of wearing.

I’m a fan of Gadsden’s stuff as it’s well thought out and built tough, but this new belt get’s only 4 out of 5 for two minor shortcomings that could easily be fixed in the future.

First the Pro’s:

  1. The belt’s inner layer of poly is a perfect blend of stiffness while remaining very thin.  I was pleasantly surprised at how thin the belt was compared to the traditional double webbing belts like my Atlas. 20180818_155144
  2. The over all profile is lower and lighter.  You really can tell at the end of the day!20180818_155035
  3. Going with a slide instead of velcro for adjustment is a fantastic idea.  The small Cobra buckles take some getting use to (small tabs require you learn technique for opening there is really nothing that can be done about that),  having the belt return to the exact spot is very nice, no adjusting all day long like others.


Now the Con’s:

  1. The overlapping webbing is cut square.  This makes it hard to thread into the “elastic” loop. Even worse is that the webbing is stitched and then turned inside out so the seam is right in the middle of the tunnel you need to thread the square edged webbing tail into.20180818_155425.jpg
  2. The loop is made of elastic and I don’t see it lasting long.  You can see in the pictures below that the elastic is already starting to fray from the sharp corner of the webbing getting hung up on it.  A small thing, but it get’s annoying real quick. 20180818_155244


Simple Fix:

Gadsden could really improve this design by going to a piece of webbing instead of the elastic as ATLAS did as well as cutting a corner of the end off. 20180818_155440This would remove the tunnel seam, make it last a lot longer, and be much easier to thread.  I made my own modification (a little too shallow on the angle) with a pair of scissors and a stove burner and it helps a lot.20180818_15582420180818_155816


Final Word:

Even with the two minor issues, it’s a winner, you won’t be disappointed.



Gadsden Dynamics emailed me after reading this review and said they would be addressing the two issues I had with it and thanked me for the input.

Another point I did not mention is that the sizing is good for IWB or OWB, so don’t overthink it… DO NOT order larger than your normal pants size!

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