I came across a great website the other day and in particular a couple of articles on EMP’s and preparing for them that needs to be shared.

The site is http://offgridham.com/ and the articles are located at:

There was a response in the comments linking to the QST article that was thought to be missing.

I have uploaded it here… QST-Electromagnetic_Pulse_and_the_Radio_Amateur

Also the book EMP-Hardened Radio Communications so far seems to be worth the $4.99 kindle download I paid for it, have a look.

Biggest takeaway I got from it all is that you can mitigate the effects of an EMP/CME greatly with gear you use now.  Besides the gear we all have tucked into a homemade Faraday cage (right?),  unhooking the antenna and power when not in use or buying MOV type suppressors are simple solutions.  One cost nothing but a little time and inconvenience, but may be very well worth your trouble if it means having comms after an event.

For me, having the base unit on solar serves as a disconnect of sorts by itself via the battery, but an inline breaker makes it easy to disconnect all Ham gear in the shack and the habit of unscrewing the antenna PL-239 and placing it by the mike is not too grievous for me.

We can only do the best we can. but we can do something to mitigate this real and present danger and it costs you nothing really.  Don’t neglect putting something away in a cage even if it’s an old set of FRS radios and battery charging setup.

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