I decided to replace my trusty Surefire 6P with Malkoff Device with something a little lighter and brighter last year.

I bought a Nitecore MH27 1000 Lumens CREE and really like the light, but it’s a tad heavy for an SBR and large.

My thinking was that I could use it dual mode with the red light for navigation when visibility zero, but have had second thoughts about having a “crutch” light on the weapon as I would likely be tempted to over use it.

So light and powerful was the remaining criteria and a light my new employer hands out for work seems to fit the bill nicely.  It’s the Streamlight 88062 ProTac 2L-X 500 lm and is very lite and the right amount of lumens for inside or outside lamination.

It’s not the “thrower” that the MH27 is but is much smaller and still does a great job.  The tint is a natural yellow (not bright LED white) and it is programmable to be 500lum and off with momentary PB.  At just under $50.00 it’s a lot of bang for buck.

Another thing I wanted was a mount that would put the light as close to the rail as possible and allow a thumb over grip to activate the light in a natural shooting position.

I searched for a day to replace my VTAC mount and found nothing better.  Then just trying out the positioning with some bungee cord, I found that the cord was enough to make a solid connection with no movement when using.

This is closer to the rail and less likely to snag than any manufactured mount.  Something to consider, not for everyone I know.

Pictures are before paint to show the light in contrast to the rail.


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