Today I decided to do a “BOB Dump” to see what’s in the thing and what I want to improve on, notes are inline with images.


The pack is an USMC one I got from a surplus store for $100.00  It’s large and rugged but heavy.

If I were planning on trekking long distances I would opt for my lightweight Kelty of the same size.  But this is a “grab and go” bag for evacuating the homestead in a fire evac or worse.  Attached is a Condor water bottle holder for quick access.


Basic groups are stored in ziplocks.


Items Missing:

  • Water:
    • You can never have enough water and unlike my GHB this bag is inspected  refreshed only 1-2 times a year.
    • Having the ability to purify water is more important and covered with ability to boil and use iodine tabs.
  • Documents, extra food, extra batteries, etc.:
    • The plan is that this bag along with a food tote are stuffed into the trailer which has solar panels, water filtering, etc.
    • If I have a 30-60 min warning this becomes a small portion of the BORV, if not then there is enough to get by for (3) days just in the bag and docs are in the cloud.



Item Details: (Items in red are not pictured)  Bag is 36lb as it sits.

    • Hennessy Hammock Rain Fly
    • USMC Sleeping System
      • Heavy bag
    • Leatherman
    • Folding limb saw
    • 25ft micro cord
    • 3ft duct tape
    • Roll of “88” electrical tape
    • Pen / Paper kit
    • (3) Lg garbage bags
    • Softshell jacket
    • Shemagh
    • Watchman cap
    • Boonie hat
    • Leather insulated gloves
    • (3) Skivy rolls
    • (2) Pair BDUs
    • (3) Mountain Home Entree’s
    • (3) Coffee packs
    • 1 ltr stainless bottle
    • Titanium cup
    • Iodine tabs
    • Titanium spork
    • Bar Soap
    • Toothbrush
    • Anti-biotic cream
    • Guaze pads
    • Cloth tape
    • Scissors
    • TP
    • Q-Tips
    • N95 mask
    • Boo-Boo Kit
    • Spare glasses
  • FIRE
    • Strikefire
      • Petro cotton balls
    • Bic lighter
    • Ruger 22lr Pistol w/50 rounds
    • (2) G17 mags (for EDC)
    • Tripwire kit
    • Compass / Oregon Atlas
    • 3xAAA LED Latern
    • 3xAAA Flashlight
    • 2xAA Red LED Mini-mag

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