I’m always looking for a better setup when it comes to having an offline topo map program for my phone and tablet.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been outside of cell service and used an offline map to find my way when Google Maps was not available.

Today I found one that is head and shoulders above any that I’ve used in the past.


Locus Map Pro – Outdoor GPS navigation and maps

You want to spend the $7.49 and get the Pro version but they have a free version you can play with first.

From the Playstore:

Locus Map Pro offers true multi functionality and flexibility:

– advanced navigation capability, supporting online and offline routing services
– unprecedented choice of premium online and offline maps
– advanced map tools – map overlays, offsets, WMS sources support
– tools for monitoring sports activities – tracking, training manager, charts, statistics, support of external sensors (GPS, HRM, cadence…)
– worldwide weather 24/7 forecast
– sophisticated tools for geocaching – location tools, online/offline logging, support of trackables, Pocket Queries, spoilers…


Downloading the whole state of Oregon took a few minutes and is a tiny 285 mb file!

I’m just beginning to see all the functionality of this app, and it has plugins written for it that look promising.  Check it out.

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