The surrounding 2 miles around my property are interlinked by timber grows of Doug Fir and stands of White Oak and Ash.  They have heavy underbrush ranging from blackberries to ferns.  Between those groves are fields of grass for sheep and cattle.


That’s a diverse range for any camo to blend into.  Something that the Multicam pattern is known for, but my own tests in these areas with earth tone clothing on has shown that if you keep ALL skin covered, you are going to be just as invisible as when wearing dedicated camo clothing.

Concealment has a lot more to do with  controlling noise, shine, and disguising movement than wearing Multicam.  There are no cloaking camo devices, you need to practice your movement with someone observing you if you want to get good at it.

Some reasons I really don’t want to use Multicam include:

  1. It’s the .gov camo of choice and I’d rather not be seen as a potential governmental employee in a WROL scenario.
  2. It’s the new “tactical black” and everything that uses the pattern is usually 30% more expensive than any other camo.
  3. Earth tone clothing is what I wear everyday and it blends well as is so why buy camo?  Long time fan of RIGGS cargo pants and Carhartt shirts and outer wear.

To truly blend in a wooded area, a Ghillie or Cobra Hood setup with vegetation is the way to go but that’s a specialty item for very low percentage ops in SHTF scenarios.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Multicam is a great general pattern and will get it on patrol gear when there is no extra cost, but it’s not the end all be all camo.

Most of the commercial camo patterns like Mossy Oak are better for their applicable environment, but they suffer from a major drawn back, UV fading.

One point I would make is that by having earth tone clothing in your preps, you will be able to blend into whatever non-urban environment is around as well at suburban environments that full on camo will not allow.  Something you might want when the time comes.

If you normally wear loud colors or t-shirts with logos, etc on them… You might want to consider an alternative set of clothes for SHTF.

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