In my other post Got Fire? I made a couple of candles in metal tins to put into my GHB that seemed to work great at taking the heat back in June when I wrote that post.

Later in the year I decided to check on them and found that they had leaked a bit and sealed themselves so tight I could not get the lid off without using a knife and going around the edge several times like opening a paint can.

You can see the melted original next to the new beeswax candles in the photo below.  It’s pretty much worthless in it’s present state.  Not something I want to rely on in an emergency situation, but that’s why we carry SEVERAL means of starting a fire, right?


I think I have found a solution though with beeswax!  While reading about beeswax, I discovered that it melts at temps above 140F, unlike normal candle wax that starts to melt at 99F.

So I decided to have another go at it and melted some beeswax into the same type of tin, although I went larger this time, and used lantern wick.


I won’t know how much better the beeswax performs in the extreme heat of the car until next Summer, but the burn test looks good so far and I will be using it to start a fire in the next downpour test.

I will report back next Fall on how it did in the car all Summer long.

NOTE: Shortly after re-inventing this wheel, I found a great deal on ready made beeswax candles in similar tins (only they have a better screw on lid!) for a great prize. Similar candles on Amazon

Below is a quick example of how well the candle method works, and weak hand only!

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