If you have advanced past the 72hr bag and basic essentials I mention in Are You Prepared? then you likely have a wood stove for heating your home.

While wood stoves are great for cooking on in the Winter post SHTF, you are not going to warm your house up on an 80F day to make a pot of beans.

I toyed around with the idea of a Rocket stove, but eventually went with a Cylinder Stove for it’s ability to work as a space heater in my shop also.

My primary way of grid-down cooking is a Sun Oven which works great in even Fall sun, but sometimes in the PNW there is heavy cloud cover and it’s just not an option.  When that’s the case, I plan to turn to my Cylinder Stove.

Today I did the initial burn in to get the stove “seasoned” and will be using it in the near future to cook storage food during an upcoming “test weekend” when I kill the water and power to the house (not fridge or freezer) and attempt to get by using what would be available to me 3 months into a SHTF scenario.

Today was a prep day planning for that weekend, trying to think through what all I need to get ready for the event and the stove came to the top of my list as we are moving into the rainy season.

I was happy to see the stove come up to very hot temps in short order and feel the regulation of the firebox will work great.

2 thoughts on “Cooking in the Summer Post SHTF

  1. Excellent post. Naturally we have the wood oven in our home for baking bread or hitting the house, but we also have a wood burning fire pit outside. The fire pit is there for cooking, socializing and burning trash. We will eventually build a wooden laavu shelter halfway around it for rainy days and as a primitive shelter.
    Awesome post, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Julian,
      I bought the little stove before we moved into our little homestead two years ago as a carry along option for our BORV for heat and cooking, as the propane will run out in short order during SHTF.

      Unfortunately, I left it untested because of the Sun Oven and Wood stove options we now have and use. There is definitely a season here where it’s the perfect option.

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