I recently went looking for an EDC fixed blade to replace my custom Damascus Pikal blade that Mark Goldsworthy made for me years back.


Mark made a real piece of art and a great defensive tool for me, but over the years I found myself wishing my EDC fixed blade had more utility to it instead of being a dedicated fighter.

I kept asking myself, “If I were to use only what I carry everyday and my bushcraft skills to survive, would I want a dedicated reverse edge fighter or something more practical?”

My problem was that most dedicated bushcraft knives are too large for EDC in the horizontal 1300 position I prefer.

That position allows for ambidextrous draws with a reverse draw being my preferred fighting grip or a saber draw for weapon retention on my EDC pistol at the 1600 position.


Then I found a small custom maker by the name of Jolly Roger Custom Knives on Etsy that seemed to get it.


I usually do not go with “unknown” knife makers because no matter how well someone can grind or polish a knife, it all comes down to the heat treating.  In this case, I was willing to take the chance because of the look of the work on the website and the fact that at $85.00 with sheath, I would not be out much if it didn’t hold up.

Just so happens that the guys at BushcraftUSA.com are having their annual knife challenge soon, so I will be reporting back in pt.2 how the blade did when put to the test.


The maker was very easy to work with and the sheath turned out great, exactly what I was wanting.  The blade is a user, not a safe queen and the finish is “semi-mirror” as I asked for.  The full convex grind is symmetrical and the knife feels good in the hand, especially in the reverse grip, which is my primary grip.


The blade was not super sharp when I got it, but for that price I do not expect a maker to spend hours putting a razor edge on it.

A few strops with 1500 grit emery and a few more with some rouge on leather, brought it to a razor’s edge fairly quickly.  One of reasons I chose a full convex grind is the ability to get a razor edge on the blade quickly.


Having carried the blade for a few days now, I can say that it does not get in the way at all and it is easily forgotten during the day.   One handed sheathing is natural and easy with the sheath.

Below is the knife being carried as my EDC and the draw-stroke.  The snake knot 550 cord fob on the end of the knife increases the number of successful draws greatly.


How the blade ties in with the rest of my EDC that is under the fleece jacket above.  It is threaded onto the belt and can be moved to the 1100 position by reversing the anchors on the loops.

At this point I would recommend the maker and this blade for those looking for a nice EDC Fixed Blade, but reserve glowing marks until it has been challenged with some appropriate tasks.



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