Every hear of it?  I had not either until 6 months ago.  It’s also known as BuJo which stands for “Bullet Journal” and is a very unique way of getting things done (GTD) using a standard notebook and pen.

I learned how to use the system at the website (https://bulletjournal.com), before the author released his NYT Bestseller book which I’m glad I purchased as it includes some really good discussion on organization and related human behavior.



In a day of electronic overload, I have found this method works very well and is helping me to work on that huge “Prepper checklist” that is always in the background of life.

I use the BuJo at work as well as home to track work orders that I’m assigned,  monitor how project tasks are coming along, save important information to latter be transferred to my Dynalist.io for ease of lookup on the phone.

There are as many ways to implement BuJo as there are users.  If you haven’t heard of it and are a “list maker” like myself, you should check out the website.

The leather cover I use can be found at: D&M Leather Studio for $18.00 and the notebooks are a knockoff of the Field Notes that seem to hold up well if you dedicate one book per month.

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