While cleaning out the shop today I found an old FOB that I had started making mods on a few years back.  I remember “needing” this little thing because it was so cool at the time.  It was sold by TAD and very expensive if I recall correctly.

Back then they were not so prevalent as they are now, with all the China knockoffs, but then why do you need 7075 Aluminum and hard anodizing for a key fob?

Anyway, my point is that these size FOBS are easy to find now and I find this a great way to carry tinder “jute twine” and a ferro rod as a backup to my mini-bic that is always with me.

One lanyard is orange for finding it on the ground and the other is jute which helps hold the ferro while striking and can serve as more tinder.  I even replaced the orange 550 strands with more jute as a last chance.

From the video you can see that a birds nest could easily be started from only 2″ of jute when fluffed.  Total this unit has around 6ft of jute available.

To attach the ferro rod to the cap, I first drilled the center to match the ferro, then cross drilled it and the cap for a roll pin.  I had the advantage of having a lathe, you can just as easily epoxy it to the inside of a cap.

When it comes to making fire, two is truly one, and one is none.  Always have an alternate means of stating a fire with you.

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