If you have not already made an electronic backup of your critical documents, DO IT NOW!  I’m one of the worst procrastinators when it comes to boring stuff like this, but it really is important and I encourage you to not delay another week.

Below is a list of items to consider storing electronic copies of that I pilfered off of a member at  https://bushcraftusa.com/forum/ who pilfered it from Listening to Katrina a MUST READ website for anyone looking to get their mind right on prepping.

With the quality of phone camera’s today you can just as easily take pictures of them instead of scanning.  Until I can purchase another thumb drive , they are safe and sound on https://photos.google.com in their own album.

  1. Photographs (if you have gigs of pics, consider zipping/compressing them for this)
  2. Vital Records
    1. Birth & Death Certificates
    2. Social Security Cards
    3. Marriage Certificates
    4. Divorce Papers
    5. Wills
    6. Immunization Records
    7. Business Licenses and Permits
    8. Passports
    9. FFL, Class 3 tax stamps, etc.
    10. Military records
  3. School Records
    1. Report Cards
    2. Diplomas
    3. Transcripts
    4. Training records and certifications.
    5. Awards & certificates.
  4. Work Records
    1. Current Resume
    2. List of accomplishments
    3. Awards and certificates
    4. Pay Stubs
    5. Latest W2 form.
    6. Licenses, permits, and other work related documents.
  5. Wallet Contents
    1. ID Cards & Driver’s Licenses
    2. Credit Cards
    3. Special licenses and permits. (CHP, CCW, etc.)
  6. Insurance Records
    1. Health Insurance Cards
    2. Auto Insurance Cards
    3. Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  7. Property Documents
    1. Real Estate Documents
      1. Home Purchase Documents
      2. Rental and/or Lease Agreements
      3. Inspection documents
      4. Receipts for property improvements
    2. Auto Titles
    3. Auto Registrations
    4. Receipts for big ticket items
    5. Firearms records and receipts
  8. Medical Records
    1. Comprehensive lists of medications for each family member.
    2. Dental records & x-rays.
  9. Current bills.
    1. Utility bills.
    2. Car payments.Search for:
    3. Mortgage payments.
    4. Etc.
  10. Any other records, receipts, or financial documentation that would be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of an emergency.

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