A Man “Out Standing” in His Field!


I’m K7JLJ, also known as James Linch Jr but I go by “Jim”.   I was born in 1966, served in the USMC as an 0311/0331 from ’84-88′, was a volunteer fireman for a year, a reserve Deputy Sheriff for two years, with a carrier as an Industrial Electrician starting in 1990.

In 2016, my wife and I moved out of the cities to a small town of < 1000 and bought a 9 acre parcel of land backed up to 1000’s of acres of private timber land.

I got started in prepping in 2010 when I became aware of how vulnerable our national grid was/is while reading government committee reports that looked into the grid after the big blackouts of 2003 on the Northeast coast.

What those reports showed and subsequent reports confirm is that the .gov is not going to fix the issue NOT because the infrastructure requirements would cost too much, but because your betters want it to fail.   Regardless of when / why the grid is taken down, if you think FEMA is coming to the rescue, you have not been paying attention.

So for the past 8 years I’ve been putting away beans and bullets, learning new skills and brushing up on old ones.

New Skills:

  • Raising sheep… OK, there are only (4) and they are really pets. We don’t breed them, so trimming and shearing is about all of it.
  • Gardening, trying to do it without store bought helpers.
  • Canning
  • Dehydrating
  • Making sourdough bread from wheat grains.
  • Rain harvesting.
  • Building a small 100W solar system
  • Setting up a comm plan and practicing it.
  • etc.

Old Skills:

  • Patrolling techniques around AO
  • Early perimeter alarms on likely avenues of approach
  • Rifle / Pistol skills (was avid IPSC/IDPA/3GUN competitor from 2003-2010)
  • etc.

When I get time, I try to share these skills I’m learning on this site.  I’m no SME, I’m just trying to be prepared and by sharing in a blog format I find writing about it therapeutic.

Radio is not really a hobby for me, it’s just a tool for SHTF just as much as a rifle, or wheat grinder is.  I don’t call QSO often and don’t contest.  I don’t keep a log anymore.

I do check in on a local net (OEN 3.9800 daily @ 1800 pst) to stay familiar with propagation via sound only (bandconditions.com won’t be there in SHTF) and to test different NVIS configs with the FT-817 portable.

I don’t like to talk on radio as anything of interest to me (prepping) is not accepted as kosher topics and I’m not a “chit chatter” in real life so don’t do well with it on the radio either.

If you find something here that makes you think or have a question, I always appreciate comments on the posts.

Thanks for stopping by… -Jim